TechnoCop recognizes human resources as the backbone of its long-term success and has consciously focused on increasing the value-add per employee. Utmost importance is attached to attract the best talent into the organization, continuously train, improve the skill set of these professionals, and help them perform in the most challenging assignments, and finally retain our biggest asset- 'our team'.

At TechnoCop, people are not just employees but family. So, like an important member of the family should, you get endless freedom to experiment, unlimited empowerment to execute your dreams.

Our HR philosophy is "With the Team for the Team", where we are ceaselessly creating the 'TechnoCop Family',

  • Life

  • Easy

  • Mind

  • Organized

  • Never ending

We believe in empowering people to help achieve their goals - goals that are achieved by the coming together of talent and innovation, powered by ownership and freedom to experiment, leading to tremendous growth and gains for the individual and the organization. We pride ourselves in being a pioneer in creating the Indian Telecom Industry, by pioneering the creation of the people for the industry.

Our Mission

Ownership & performance driven work culture by empowering people, keeping product innovation & customer satisfaction at the forefront, let quality and commitment to be the benchmark of any action.

Our Vision

To be a Seamless Organization, adopting Innovative technology - "Empowering Lives".


  • Trust
  • Commitment 
  • Adaptability 
  • Empowerment

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